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Welcome to LEAP...

Hello, I'm Mark Siddall. As an architect having worked in the construction industry for almost three decades, I've discovered two major problems:

  • The houses and communities where we live - and even the new ones housebuilders are creating - are not fit for purpose.
  • Self-builders, homeowners and communities who desperately want a better lifestyle, don’t know how to commission an architect or a design team.

So, I created the Project Priority Packs®. These are processes truly dedicated to helping people find their feet in the construction industry, so they can create their forever home.


LEAP is the architectural practice where people come for expert design, advice, support, and guidance - so they can make informed intelligent decisions about the kind of house and community where they want to live - as well as benefiting from exclusive training events and the opportunity to build a relationship with true professionals.

There are hundreds of architectural practices out there. But, I've made it my priority to make LEAP the one place where there's no drama, no complaining and no ego - just a relentless focus upon creating the kind of home you want and need.

We're open this week. You can start here today or register for a free consultation call for when we next open!



Want to create your forever home by converting a barn, or starting from scratch?

Home Owners:

Need to upgrade your house so that it'll work for your changing lifestyle?


Want to live differently and with a shared sense of place and purpose?

Passivhaus Buildings:

Got a project that needs support from an experienced Passivhaus Consultant?


Is the plot you own, or house you live in, really right for you?

Where you live can help your family flourish, or hinder your lifestyle - now and always. How do things really stack up?

Success Stories

Ask the people we work with about their experience of LEAP, and each story would be different — but with a common thread running through them. Very often, life-changing results.

Homeowners and Tenants:

These bungalows are beautiful, we haven’t had our heating on yet! My husband was always cold before we came here. 

Rhoda Hughes

Racecourse Estate

There’s nothing at all that we’d change about the house because we got exactly what we wanted. ...Now we’re finally living in a cosy home, we’re not going anywhere! 

Trevor Gospel

Steel Farm

We are really happy here. Designing the house with Mark was fun. It was challenging at times - but in a good way. Now we're in, we love it and the kids love it. It's a great family home.

Richard Hardill

Preston Springs

The bungalow has helped enormously health-wise. The clean constant air has helped with my breathing, as I suffer with heart problems and asthma.


Racecourse Estate

More than the savings in the energy bills and the reduced environmental impact, we are enjoying the comfort of our new home.

Judith Gospel

Steel Farm

Fresh air, blissful peace and quiet and a wonderful sense of comfort. All the rooms have great daylight and an even temperature. The beautifully designed layout is surprisingly spacious with loads of storage. ...I love my new home.

Mick Woolley

Larch Corner


Certainly not cheap, but very definitely worth it. One of the best investments we made. Mark helped us reduce risk, save time and stick within our budget.

Trevor Gospel

Steel Farm

Always quick to respond. Professional and approachable. We've enjoyed working with Mark. It's been a rewarding experience. We were just saying the other day how fortunate we are.

Helen Hardill

Preston Springs

Mark has certainly lived up to his reputation. He truly cares. His diligent support has helped me overcome some significant challenges and to achieve full Passivhaus certification.

Mick Woolley

Larch Corner

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Our Starter Kit has everything you need to know about how the Project Priority Audit® works and how it could work for you.

Lovingly Engineered Architecture is a heart centered architectural practice that helps you discover, design and develop creative, elegant solutions that address the challenges of contemporary living.