From site labourer to technologist, ​architect ​to Pasivhaus designer, Mark Get's Building

Through LEAP, the lovingly engineered architectural practice,  Mark ​provides reliable, affordable services. We offer ​training, ​consultancy and design services that help you build a better future.

​What we do

​We always

design ​for your needs

​​​From bespoke homes to larger communities, LEAP ​helps you create ​a Forever Home Lifestyle that suits your needs. ​As your architect we will ​ask ​profound and ​insightful questions ​that help you make the right choices.

We ​oversee all of the transactional details

​As your project manager we oversee all of the transactional details on your behalf, because every building project has thousands of phone calls and communications. Each one ​ loaded with critical details vital to your projects success.

​We are your best advocate ​

​Money ​and quality are very emotional issues. ​​At LEAP we treat your money and your design, like it's ​our own. When it's time, we negotiate on your belhalf, ​defend your interests, protect your project, and ​save you money.

​​We are your Passivhaus Consultant

​We use ​an evidence based quality assurance framework. This means, even though ​your project may not be certified, ​we treat ​your project ​like it's a Passivhaus - because ​that's the only way ​​you'll ​get the quality you ​expect.

why we do it

We’ve been there

​It's always a joy to work with friendly, ethical ​clients and them help them achieve their goals. ​And we're fortunate enough to do this on every project.


For almost 30 years ​we've been learning about the building industry, construction, architecture and ​the built ​environment. It's not always been a smooth journey - but it has been a process of continual refinement. 

Having worked in a range of sectors, on ​new buildings and old​ across a range in value (from £30m to £300,000) we've seen many levels of complexity and complication - and  always sought to introduce ​clarity and simplicity.

We ​bring innovation

Don't be fooled by smooth words and glossy pictures. Innovation is not bells and whilstes. It is not whacky and different - and costly. It is thoughful, considered and effective. 

Our clients appreciate ​an informed experimental approach. As a research led practice this means any innovation LEAP ​introduces is a strategic byproduct, and a logical extension, of the high quality work we do ​for every client.


What they say

​Mick Woolley

​Retired I.T. engineer

​Mark has certainly lived up to his reputation. He truly cares. His diligent support has helped me overcome some significant challenges and to achieve full Passivhaus certification.

​Trevor Gospel


​There’s nothing at all that we’d change about the house because we got exactly what we wanted. ...Now we’re finally living in a cosy home, we’re not going anywhere!

Success Stories

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Find us here: 3 Toll House Road
County Durham


Phone: 01913757702