Forever Home Lifestyle

Whether you are planning to build a new home, or simply adapting, refurbishing or retrofitting a existing one, the Forever Home Lifestyle is a framework you can use to plan a richer, more fulfilling, way of living.

Developed from over a decade of experience of helping homeowners create their forever home, this simple ten point framework has been designed to help you creat focus, prioritise decision making and avoid costly mistakes – some of which may not become apparent for many years to come.

The framework makes use of ten headings. They are

  • CONTENTMENT: Daily Delight
  • CONVENIENCE: Towards An Easy Life
  • CONTROL: In charge and in command
  • CONFIDENCE: Return On Design Quality
  • COMMUNITY: In Action
  • CONNECTION: To The Important Things
  • CHARACTER: Personality Of The Place
  • FUTUREPROOF: Peace of Mind
  • FINANCIAL PEACE: and Security
  • FAITHFUL CUSTODIAN: Care, Compassion And Contribution
  • FREE TIME (in abundance)

I explained how you can use the Forever Home Lifestyle on the House Planning Help podscast. Listen to the interview by clicking on the media player below.

(If you want to get straight to the point, skip to 1:30)

About the author

​As an experienced RIBA chartered architect and an accomplished Passivhaus designer, consultant and trainer, Mark Siddall helps people create better buildings.

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Forever Home Lifestyle

Forever Home Lifestyle

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