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The Forever Home Lifestyle is a framework you can use to make informed intelligent decisions about your home.

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I'm  Mark Siddall

As an architect having worked in the construction industry for almost three decades, I've discovered three major problems:

  1. 1
    Because of silly mistakes, the houses and communities where we live - and the new ones housebuilders are creating - are not fit for purpose.
  2. 2
    Self-builders, homeowners and communities who desperately want a better lifestyle, don’t know how to commission an architect or a design team.
  3. 3
    Not every project starts with the knowledge, understanding and experience that's needed to design and build a high performance homes that provide unrivalled comfort, control and contentment. 

To help address these problems I created the Project Priority Packs®. The process of completing a priority pack is dedicated to helping you find your feet, reducing risk and getting your project on the right track.

WHO workS with us?


Want to create your forever home by converting a barn, or starting from scratch?

Home Owners:

Need to upgrade your house so that it'll work for your changing lifestyle?


Want to live differently and with a shared sense of place and purpose?

Passivhaus Heros:

Want a Passivhaus and need of support from an experienced Passivhaus Consultant?

about us

We use our experience to create yours

LEAP is the architectural practice where people come for expert design, advice, support, and guidance - so they can make informed intelligent decisions about the kind of house and community where they want to live - as well as benefiting from exclusive training events and the opportunity to build a relationship with true professionals.

There are hundreds of architectural practices out there. But, I've made it my priority to make LEAP the one place where there's no drama, no complaining and no ego - just a relentless focus upon creating the kind of home you want and need. We're open this week. You can start here today or register for a free consultation call for when we next open!


Discover a different way of doing things

According to Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result. 

Unlike other architectural practices, LEAP uses a rigorous, research led, evidence based approach - the EROS Method. 

The research undertaken helps clients get better buildings and helps us educate and transform the construction industry.

Success Stories

What our clients say about us

Ask the people we work with about their experience and each story would be different — but with a common thread running through them. Very often, life-changing results.

Mark has certainly lived up to his reputation. He truly cares. His diligent support has helped me overcome some significant challenges and to achieve full Passivhaus certification.

Mick Woolley

Larch Corner

Certainly not cheap, but very definitely worth it. One of the best investments we made. Mark helped us reduce risk, save time and stick within our budget.

Trevor Gospel

Steel Farm

We were just saying the other day how fortunate were. We've enjoyed working with Mark. He's always quick to respond. Professional and approachable. It's been a rewarding experience.

Helen Hardill

Preston Springs Garth

What Home Owners and Tenants Say:

These bungalows are beautiful, we haven’t had our heating on yet! My husband was always cold before we came here.

Rhoda Hughes

Racecourse Estate

There’s nothing at all that we’d change about the house because we got exactly what we wanted. ...Now we’re finally living in a cosy home, we’re not going anywhere!

Trevor Gospel

Steel Farm

We are really happy here. Designing the house with Mark was fun. It was challenging at times - but in a good way. Now we're in, we love it and the kids love it. It's a great family home.

Richard Hardill

Preston Springs Garth

What Respected Colleagues and Peers Say:

Mark is one of the pioneers to introduce Passivhaus to the UK. His experience and research makes him one of the UK’s most skilled and knowledgeable Passivhaus Architects.

Prof. Wolfgang Feist

Passivhaus Institute

It was clear when I met Mark for the first time that he has a true passion for his work. It has been a joy to work with someone so committed and knowledgeable.

Prof. David Johnston

Leeds Beckett University

Mark takes a highly analytical and technically expert approach to his work, and is one of the most knowledgeable people about building performance that I’ve ever met.

Jon Bootland

CEO, Passivhaus Trust

What Experienced Contractors Say:

Mark's pragmatic attention to detail was very reassuring. Mark consistently helped to minimise design risks and value engineer the project.

Steve Dawson

Seddon Construction

The exceptional standard of construction documents definitely saved the client money.

Joe Dixon

J.D. Homes

Mark's technical knowledge is breathtaking, and importantly for me, he also has an eye in what it takes from a construction perspective.

Allan Thompson

Gentoo Group

Mark helped us mitigate any potential build issues. Regular inspections proved invaluable as the scheme achieved the required air-tightness and certification first time.

Anthony Kavanagh 


Without Mark's input we would have suffered unnecessary costs, delays and frustrations.

Martin Hodgekiss


Mark's timely input helped us minimise defects and enabled us to avoid the need for expensive repairs at the end of the project.

Steve Dawson

Seddon Construction

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